Imagine Her Last Dance …

Fated… no, some would say cursed… to deep slumber after only a brief reprieve of lush vivacious life and warmth, she feels that familiar subtle chill begin to breathe upon her neck. Preparation must begin for a last brilliant gala before being tucked beneath a heavy blanket of shimmering white.
fall (2)
Gold, ruby, bronze… she dons a splendid array of color atop her slowly fading emerald. Slipped into her hair are sunshine yellow petals bejeweled with fresh glistening raindrops.


photo 1




Adorned with dangling fuchsia as though complementing the softest earlobes, her beauty is beyond compare.




fall (3)




While the ambiance of this event is near ceremonious with its  dignified grace, a formality such as footwear would only serve to diminish the natural elegance found in her simplicity.




photo 2




There is no need for a red carpet to be rolled out as the ballroom floor is instead glittered with evanescent memories of laughter floating on a summer breeze, of scents from late night bonfires, of sweet kisses stolen beneath a starlit canopy.




photo 5


Her mesmerizing dance ends far too quickly as a curtain of crisp, cool air draws the celebration to a close…  her stunning attire slips to the ground, slowly each bright color fades, the warmth of life now stored in the hearts of her admirers as she lies down awaiting her solemn sleep.



fall (4)


She closes her eyes.

She is at peace.

She is Autumn.