They Say Pride Comes Before A Fall…

Heed my plea, do not for a moment think this is simply an old adage thrown about by our elders! It’s an FYI… Meant literally! Case in point: hmmmm, it’s the very last second… Perfect time to start planning tomorrow’s Halloween costume for work! Rummage here, dig there… Oh, here’s a sweet hat! Killer shoes… I’m nailing this thing! Ensemble complete in an impressive 20 minutes! About to debut my masterpiece to my dear hubby, who is enthralled in a book on the couch, I proudly call out (and oh the irony, so thick, I’m sure I slipped on it) “Do I look ridiculous?” He looks up… BAeM!! Killer heels slip down off the top step, knees buckle, hips thrown forward while alien arms flail back to grasp against smooth walls, only prolonging the inevitable.. The slowest fall in history! Face contorting into some less aerodynamic expression, shins paving the carpeted stairs with skin, I finally come to a thud, face down on the hallway floor and narrowly avoid the need for a chalk outline …convulsing, no breath for words… The shaking won’t stop! Faintly hubby’s “are you ok?” inquiries penetrate my ears… at long last, through my debilitating , near paralytic laughter, I squeak out my last wish “I wish I could have seen that!!” … again, my need for a personal paparazzi overwhelms me. In closing and with skinned shins, I hope you take this morsel of wisdom… If you’re awesome and you know it, watch your step.



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